domenica 6 novembre 2016

On November 15, at 2.30 PM, we will be meeting to work together on the following three scripts.

The first one is a monologue taken from the film Pulp Fiction, the second is a fight scene from My Best Friend's Wedding and the third one contains the beginning and the end of Annie Hall. We will read them together, analyse the accent and the intonation of each and then the following week, on November 22, auditions will be held to select who will play who.

Each of the above scripts contains a link to a YouTube clip, so that you can start exploring on your own.

Your presence at the November 15 meeting is not compulsory to participate in the November 22 audition, but will certainly be appreciated. Anyone who feels like angrily spewing out powerful Bible passages, resentfully yelling at a frenemy or gently dishing out witty jokes about life is more than welcome to join us.

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